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1.1.1 Curriculum planning, delivery and evaluation
1.3.1 Cross cutting issues relevant to gender, environment and sustainability
1.4.1 Structured feedback
2.2.3 Extramural activities / Cultural club
2.3.1 Student centric methods
2.3.5 Creativity, innovation by students
2.4.1 Appointment Letter
2.5.3 Reform in Exam Process
2.6.3 Teaching learning and assessmen
2.6.4 Parents teachers meeting
3.1.3 Research projects/clinical trials funded by government, industries and nongovernmental agencies
3.2.1. Details of Facilities & Innovations made
3.3.3 Average number of papers published per teacher in the Journals notified on UGC -CARE list in the UGC website/Scopus/ Web of Science/ PubMed
4.1.3 Ambiance and General Campus Facilities
4.2.4 Availability of infrastructure for community based learning
4.3.1 Integrated library management system
4.3.6 E-content resources used by teachers
4.4.2 Updates in IT facilities and computer availability
5.1.2 Capability enhancement and development schemes for students
5.1.3 Guidance to students for competitive examinations and career counselling
5.1.4 International student cell
5.1.5 Redressal of student grievances / sexual harassment / ragging
6.3.5 Performance Appraisal System
6.4.1 Mobilization of funds and optimal utilization of resources
6.4.2 Internal and External financial Audits
6.5.2 Quality Improvement Programs
6.5.3 Institution adopts several quality assurance initiatives
7.1.2 Gender equality
7.1.4 Biodegradable and non degradable waste management
7.1.8 Inclusive management
7.1.9 Handbook of code of conduct
7.2 Institutional Best Practices
7.3 Institutional Distinctiveness
8.1.4 Orientation / Foundation courses practiced in the institution for students entering the college / Clinics / Internship
8.1.8 The Institution has introduced objective methods to measure and certify attainment of specific clinical competencies by BDS students/Interns as stated in the undergraduate curriculum by the Dental Council of India
8.1.10 The College has adopted methods to define and implement Dental graduate attributes with a system of evaluation of attainment of such attributes