Inspector Avinash Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, and Where to Watch

Inspector Avinash Season 2? It is anticipated that the second season of the show would become available on Amazon Prime Video in the month of March 2024. The second season will pick off where the first left off, with Avinash and his team continuing their journey in the face of new threats and obstacles.

The unexplained death of Varun, a classmate of Avinash’s kid, who was discovered dead in the toilet with a geometry divider next to his body, will also be the center of the second season. Varun’s body was discovered in the bathroom. Avinash will work to uncover the mystery of Varun’s death and bring his family some measure of closure.

Inspector Avinash Season 2 Plot

The members of the cast of Varun who were killed off at the conclusion of season 1 will play a pivotal role in the storyline of season 2. Additionally, he attended the same school as Avinash’s son. The fact that his lifeless body was discovered in the restroom close to a geometrical divider is the only piece of evidence that we have. Avinash will determine who was responsible for Varun’s mistreatment and will exact revenge on that person.

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Inspector Avinash Season 2 Cast

  1. Randeep Hooda as Inspector Avinash Mishra: Randeep Hooda plays the titular role of Inspector Avinash Mishra, a brave and determined police officer.
  2. Urvashi Rautela as Poonam Mishra: Urvashi Rautela portrays the character of Poonam Mishra, Avinash Mishra’s wife.
  3. Amit Sial as S.P. Vishal Tyagi: Amit Sial plays the role of S.P. Vishal Tyagi, a senior police officer who works closely with Inspector Avinash.
  4. Adhyayan Suman as Siddharth Pandey: Adhyayan Suman portrays the character of Siddharth Pandey, an investigative journalist.
  5. Rajesh Sharma as S.I. Gopal Das: Rajesh Sharma plays the role of Sub-Inspector Gopal Das, a loyal member of Inspector Avinash’s team.
  6. Govind Namdev as D.I.G. Govind Mishra: Govind Namdev portrays the character of Deputy Inspector General Govind Mishra, a senior officer in the police department.
  7. Priyanka Bose as Geeta Mishra: Priyanka Bose plays the role of Geeta Mishra, Avinash Mishra’s sister.
  8. Abhimanyu Singh as B.C. Dubey: Abhimanyu Singh portrays the character of B.C. Dubey, a powerful and influential figure.

Inspector Avinash Season 2 Trailer

There is no official trailer announced for season 2, but you can enjoy the season 1 trailer by CLICK HERE

Where To Watch Inspector Avinash

Jio Cinema now offers viewers the opportunity to watch all of season 2 of Inspector Avinash for free and in a variety of different languages. In the interim, fans can watch other online series that are comparable, such as Asur season 5, Crackdown, and Aashiquana, which has already produced three seasons.

Fans will have a great time following Inspector Avinash throughout Season 2 as he works toward his goal of making Uttar Pradesh a state free of crime.

Rating And Reviews Of Inspector Avinash

Inspector Avinash Season 2

Frequently Asked Question

When will the Inspector Avinash Season 2 be available on Amazon Prime Video?

The anticipated release month for the of Inspector Avinash season 2 on Amazon Prime Video is March 2024. Please note that release dates are subject to change, and it is best to refer to official announcements or updates from the streaming platform for the most accurate information.

Is there a trailer available for Inspector Avinash Season 2?

As of now, there is no official trailer announced for the second season. However, you can enjoy the trailer for the first season of Inspector Avinash.

Where can I watch Inspector Avinash?

You can watch Inspector Avinash on Jio Cinema, where the entire second season will be available for free in various languages. Additionally, you can explore similar online series like Asur Season 5, Crackdown, and Aashiquana, which have multiple seasons already released.

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